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Kilo Allen
Sep 02, 2020
There are many times in history where adversity has shown up and the only way we got through it was by coming together to overcome it when I think of any person in the past that we talk about today for being a great leader I don’t see one I see many a leader implies that there was one or more that stood with that person making the movement grow stronger. I say this because the response to this adversity’s is not one but many who can rise to the occasion. Ignoring this is not an option the only thing we can do is start moving towards and go into the teeth of this. The pandemic we are in is dealt with by the facts and the vigilance to be aware of how you move in the environment knowing said facts teach each other how to be aware and support establishments that are really fighting for people’s lives and support and spread the word of those who have found alternatives to keeping symptoms in check and from getting worse. I feel that the teaching of this discipline have always been the answer to the world we all live in and I’m grateful this will be the subject for tomorrow because we have to get organized and be able to be more than the history our ancestors have blessed us to be we have to make the world realize these matters can’t be ignored it took a community to overcome in the past and we can do it again. Vote. March. Protect. Raise awareness. Sacrifice. Shift the focus onto everything we have to gain and fight like we have nothing to lose. I meditated on the question all week and just chose to speak my heart family whatever it takes for us to move into action let’s impose our will onto getting it done. I love you and look forward to hearing where we go tomorrow